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Friday, November 1, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Printing Is Way Much Better Than Screen-Printing T-shirts

Digital printing is here! A new, much faster and less costly way to produce high quality printed t-shirts by using printer heads to apply the color or ink directly on top of a fabric. This color is unlimited for people using digital methods and you can create any type of design for your shirts; from single colored to multi colored. Screen-printing, as much as it is still being used, is being face out; just like other traditional ways of doing things.

With technology, it does not mean digital printing does not have disadvantages, they both have pros and cons; it is just that advantages of digital methods have outweighed the traditional ones. Are you innovative and creative in this type of work? Get rid of the old, boring same t-shirt design and get to business with making your own, custom-made shirts! It has never been this easy. Why digital printing? Read on to get more your answers.

Accurate and saves a lot of time

The modern world of business today, especially in publishing, calls for instant customer satisfaction. It is easier with digital printing to meet deadlines and finish printing both small and large orders in a shorter time. Delivering your orders in time will moreover improve your business as the business owner and the customers will always refer other clients to you.

Accuracy is a critical element in publishing; actually, it is the number one no-no when it comes to writing, followed by plagiarism of course. Using traditional printing, there was no room for correcting any mistakes you may find in work set for printing such as grammatical errors. Luckily, digital methods give you that chance to fix this, without having to redo most of the work, which can be costly especially if you have committed to a large order.

Cost effective for a wide variety of options

Normally, it is much more expensive to print a single t-shirt. Luckily, digital printing has made it easier to make print in small numbers at an affordable cost since you no longer require plates for printing, like screen-printing. The initial cost of investment of screen-printing is a lot and therefore to buy a single shirt, you are charged with this in mind, which makes it quite pricy. In addition, there is more labor and time put in making shirts traditionally than using digital equipment. Not just anyone, skilled labor.

High quality work

Before, you could not have photos on t-shirts and the first ones to come out were not as clear as the ones you can make today with digital printing. Using today’s technology, your photos are directly printed on the t-shirt, which does not take forever to have the end product. The result as compared to screen printing jobs is a clear, high quality and long-lasting piece of work, not to mention very soft to the skin! However, this type of printing works best on a fabric that is at least 80% cotton.

No limitations when making orders

Due to the costs and labor involved in screen-printing, they have a minimum order of a dozen shirts, nothing less. With digital technology, a single shirt takes less time and technicalities, which favors you since there is nothing extra to be charged. The designers have also benefited, as they no longer purchase the screening plates, you do not have to hire so many people since the job is instant and fast and of course with all these; your business will grow as the number of t-shirt orders increase.

No specialization required

As compared to digital printing, using screening does require some level of talent and specialization. First, it is not easy and secondly, you take time to perfect your work. Digital technology is instant and secondly, you can be awful in art and still do a perfect job in high-quality printing t-shirts.
The equipment does everything for you; creates the design, you have the option of uploading and downloading, designing the t-shirt and adding any other finishes to it are all done from your computer. This is the reason why they are so clear and so easy to make; it is similar to using a printer in your office!

In summary, digital t-shirt, printing has transformed the fashion industry, making a huge impact on growth of businesses generally. Today’s ever changing environment can only work best with such innovations whose benefits such as saving time, high quality products, offers more options in creativity, no specialization required, are major contributors to growth and greater opportunities personally and in your businesses. 

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Megan Gomez, the author of this post, is a frequent blogger and a designer for a leading T-shirt printing service provider called PromoPays. She has many years of experience in designing and comes up with some amazing print ideas.

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