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Friday, November 15, 2013

Top Concepts How to Track on WhatsApp Chat

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a third-party application that lets two parties communicate via messages through the Internet. It is a chat application similar to what you use on Facebook but it is hosted from another app. WhatsApp is available on Apple, Android, Windows and some Symbian devices for free download.

WhatsApp (Photo credit: abulhussain)

WhatsApp is a pretty cool application to have to stay connected with your friends and you get to send and receive messages for free. Among the many perks of using this app is you can send pictures, audio clips and many more using this chat application. Compared to the usual text messaging, WhatsApp is more interactive and free but it requires both parties to stay connected on the web to send and receive messages.

How do you Spy on a WhatsApp Chat?

Using a spyware application, you can spy on someone else’s chats without getting noticed. Netspysoftware is the ultimate WhatsApp spy agent that lets you have access to all the information, not only on WhatsApp but everything that is uploaded and downloaded on your target’s mobile phone. It is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface for everyone who wishes to use it.

Follow these steps in installing the spying software:

1. Like what Jan Koum – CEO of WhatsApp, “nothing is for free”. Before installing the software, you need to purchase it first. The application is available on Android, Apple and Blackberry packages, depending on what phone you have.

2. Install the application using your target’s web browser.

3. Using your laptop or mobile device, login to your security panel using your username and password.

4. On your Control Panel, select the “WhatsApp” tab. From here, you can then see all the messages that go out and in the application. You can find the sender’s name, time and date on which it was received or sent and even the multimedia files shared.
Not only is it easy, you can do it in less than five minutes with unlimited time to monitor your target’s activity on WhatsApp. If followed correctly, you can go unnoticed and you can monitor remotely wherever you may be as long as you have Internet connection.

There are all sorts of ways to view chats on WhatsApp. One is using a rooted android phone and MAC address of your target. You need to uninstall WhatsApp on your phone and install a terminal app and BusyBox. After installing, open the terminal app and follow the instructions on spoofing a MAC address. If followed correctly, you will end up with a spoofed MAC address you can use to view WhatsApp messages. Take note of all the info that you need and reinstall WhatsApp. Key in your target’s phone number and verify your account using the verification code received. You can now access your target’s WhatsApp account.

Whether using it for fun with your friends or confirming your suspicion against a cheating significant other or monitoring your child’s WhatsApp activity, you can use these tips to gain access to their accounts. The spyware software can offer you more than just security but peace of mind.

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