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Monday, November 25, 2013

Why Chose A USB Memory Stick As Your Next Promotional Product?!

I’ll give you the answer first and provide some explanations after this. Well, my answer to your question is cheaper memory, they are mobile device which enable mobile working data, they are green and, most important, they are a very useful and valuable product to the receivers. If I got your attention, now you can read more.

English: A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanD...
English: A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanDisk Cruzer Micro, 4GB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you remember the old days?

The days before USB sticks were released on the market? The 3.5’’ floppy disk drives? The internet dial-up connection? I’m sure you do. But in the last 7 or 8 years, the USB flash drives have no more competition as a storage device and as a promotional item I can say that is the best-selling product.

In the early days of USB sticks, I remember that one with 8MB memory capacity was over the £10 mark, but one of my clients back then, a software company, bought a lot of them to support their new software launch. Now, being so popular, finding them all over the market, their prices are lowest than have ever been. 16GB USB sticks and with even higher capacities, you will have no trouble to find and can be easily supplied by most sellers.

Need of having digital information

Also, in the last years, the need of having digital information close to us has increased dramatically. We have smartphones that keeps us connected to the Web, with all that information at our fingertips, we have laptops, notebooks and tablets that allow us to be mobile. All the needs for information while we are on the move are increased along with our daily expectations. And the promotional USB flash drives do just this. They allow business to produce different literature and save it quickly, easily and safely onto them.

We no longer have to at the office, or at our desk to be able to work. The USB flash drives provide the means necessary to transfer our files and information wherever we need to be, either if it is our home or some off-site meeting.

Flash drives are green

I’ve told you that flash drives are green. But don’t take it literally, even thou they can have a green colour. They allow us to save some of the most important resource of our planet, the trees. With them, a business can forget about printed materials, like catalogues, brochures, sales manifests or any other printed promotional or in-house materials. Plus they save all these costs. A branded USB flash drive, with your company logo or brand on it, can be preloaded with all the promotional materials required at different advertising or marketing events. In addition, USB flash drives are mostly made from recyclable materials, so when the receiver no longer requires the device, it can be safely and easily disposed of.

Regardless of the design, style, size or colour, you can be assured that your promotional USB memory drives will be used on regular basis by your employees, clients or partners that will receive this gift.

If you want to learn more on how to promote your business by using USB flash drives read a great blog, written by USB Company in which you will find out  more advantages of these promotional gifts.

This is an invaluable tool which offers amazing brand visibility and awareness for any business in any industry. It is a product that will remain for sure in the promotional products market for many years to come.
Johan Ellingsen, the author of this article and the owner of Branded USB based in UK, likes to write about the latest gadgets on the market and the newest trends in technology and science. See more of his contribution on Facebook.

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