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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Will Women Dominate The Wearable Computing Market?

There is a considerable amount of buzz surrounding the latest craze in the computing marketing. Wearable computing merchandise is truly taking the world by storm, and some of the most anticipated products have not yet hit the market, such as Google Glass. There are many options available for consumers to consider, and companies that are eager to reach the head of the pack and become true leaders in this market will need to find a way to appeal to their target audience. The wearable computing market may appeal to men to some degree, but the fact is that women will almost certainly dominate the market. In fact, with a closer look at three key points, you will see why these companies need to target women as their primary audience.

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Women Love Accessories

From earrings and necklaces to purses, scarves and more, it is no surprise to hear that women love accessories far more than men do. While some men will accessorize with a male bracelet, a wrist watch and other items, women overwhelmingly love to dress up their look with stylish pieces. In many instances, such as with purses and scarves, these accessories may be both stylish and functional. Therefore, when it comes to wearing a computing device, the trend is more likely to catch on quickly with women and to be more popular with women.

Women Spend More on Accessories

Some women prefer to wear cheaper costume jewelry, and others prefer to dress up their look with fine jewelry and brand name purses. Regardless of the type of accessories purchased, on average, women spend more money on accessories than men. They will spend even more during Black Friday especially if they find out on this website that they can spend half the money for the same item. While wearable computers are intended to be moderately affordable for most budgets, the fact is that they will be functional accessories. Based on how much money women have historically spent on accessories, it is likely that they will be more willing to splurge on a wearable computer than men would.

Women Need the Function of a Wearable Computer

Most men generally tote around a smart phone and a pair of keys with them, and they easily slide these items into their pocket. Pockets are found on most types of men's apparel, such as shorts and pants. Women, however, often carry additional items with them, and they do not have access to pockets on all of their clothing options. For example, many pants, skirts and dresses do not have pockets. Even for those items that do have pockets, it is not feasible to place all of a woman's personal items with her in pockets. While personal items are often placed in a purse or handbag, the bottom line is that women will find smart bracelets, smart watches and other items to be far more functional than men simply because they can consolidate some of the items they need to tote around over the course of a day.
Currently, many companies are marketing wearable computing systems to both men and women, but you can see that there are significant, realistic reasons why these items will appeal to women more than men. While men may still benefit from using wearable computing systems, companies would be wise to focus their efforts on the target audience that will get the most use out of them.

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