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Sunday, December 29, 2013

JQuery Or Flash: Which Is Better Option For Your Website Design?

In the recent times, one of the hot topics of discussions in the world of web designing is JQuery or Flash. Most web designers are perplexed in the selection from among them. Moreover, each of these tools is available with unique features and functionalities, determining the best often seem to be difficult. Javascript in its most popular library of JQuery is considered to be the most active platform in the world of modern web. Different people are of different opinion regarding the selection of the best. In this context, it is important to find the promising factors that can help in making an effective judgment.

Purpose Of The Site:

Since each of these tools is available with hosts of features, the major factors that will help in the selection process is the purpose of the site. While you are designing a new website, you should never fail to consider the requirements and purpose of your site. Along with that, you should also consider your target audience. You might be creating either a personal portfolio or an online store. You might even set up a site for pure entertainment. On the basis of these needs, you will be able to get an idea of the design along with the selection of the tools for achieving results.

Determining The Interactivity:

While designing the site, you should try to determine the level of interaction. When you are looking forward to developing an interactive site, the information consumption is less. Consequently, it focuses on delivering an enjoyable experience to the visitors. Some of the common elements that are seen in these websites include games, animations, 3D objects etc. When the task is more of interaction, Flash is definitely a great idea because of varieties of options.

Text Based Website:

When you are looking forward to designing a text based website, JQuery can be the right option. It offers more information and moderate level of interaction features in terms of design. The dynamics offered by it are subtle. In addition to that, it can even offer the feature of smooth animation along with wonderful visual feedback. When you make use of this tool to deliver information to your readers, you can be assured to effectively display contents along with attracting the customers in large numbers.

Great Online Campaign:

If the main purpose of the website is to create an online advertising campaign, you will definitely have to design it in such a manner so that it can offer interactive experience. When you use Flash, you can best employ the elements of interaction into the site. You can engage the users and applying various kinds of digital tattoos, as a whole.

You should never forget that the video and audio contents play a great role in determining the exact platform that you will use for web designing. It is true that there is not a big difference in which JQuery and Flash treats images, but works related to video and audio contents definitely creates a difference. Flash is the most accessible way of embedding and watching video on the web. Flash can meet the requirements of social-oriented concepts that are represented by the site. Therefore, it is high time for you to determine and decide the right tool that can help in bringing about a complete change in the design.

Author bio: Amit is a web designer by profession. He loves designing great websites using latest web design templates. He writes at his blog where he shares his tips and ideas on web designing.
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