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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What Do You Mean By Dedicated Website Hosting?

Dedicated Website Hosting is a type of advanced level hosting which is meant for high traffic level websites. Hosting is the main thing which helps a website to run with stable performance. In other words, the website performance totally depends on the hosting services and if your website performance is low then there could be two reasons of it.

Multiple racks of servers
Multiple racks of servers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First reason says that the hosting provider is not good because they are not providing you good hosting services and second thing that can be the cause of low website performance is that the traffic load of a website is high and you need to buy advanced level hosting for improving your website’s performance. It is important to manage your website and to test your website’s performance continuously and only admin can do that. If you thing that your website hosting is not strong enough to control such amount of traffic then you should change your hosting level to dedicated website hosting.

Now, when you will buy the Dedicated Website Hosting, you will get high performance of web page loading and you would be able to do many more creations with your website which would not be possible with shared hosting. Shared hosting is meant for beginners but when your website starts getting good traffic amount then you should necessarily change your shared hosting with the Dedicated Website Hosting.

What are the benefits of switching shared hosting to Dedicated Website Hosting?

• Most importantly, you will get more freedom and more space that will allow you to modify your website and you would be able to add many more features to make your website attractive and more useful for getting in user’s preference.

• Dedicated Website Hosting provides high performance benefit which means your website will not slow down even in the high traffic! Your website performance would be increased up to 50% to 60% or more.

• Dedicated website hosting services India is considered safer for business websites because here you will get your own private server and you will get the support for security and protection from hackers, viruses and spammers. Your data would be safer and your creations would not be ruined due to technical issues because you will get proper mechanisms security and maintenance as well.

• You will get the freedom to choose any software for your dedicated website hosting and you can install in on your server. There are different types of databases, OS and other applications which can be installed on the servers and you will get the freedom to install the application or Operating system of your own choice.

• You will get the main access to the server because you are the owner. Everything would be under your control and management. You can make the changes and you can grant permissions to others. No one would able to access anything without your permission.

• Dedicated Website Hosting offers you high disc space along with complete control. It can be used for your clients as well because you can sell the parts of your Dedicated Website Hosting to the clients and that would be great business growing opportunity for you.

• Dedicated Website Hosting is considered to be reliable and stable and best for handling all kind of issues because you will get high support.

• You will get some software for free and you will also get their time to time updates for best benefits of them.

No matter what are you looking for but if you will buy the Dedicated Website Hosting for your website then you will get the package of surprises and extra ordinary feature which will help you to make your website advanced and impressive!

Author bio: 

Charlie is a freelance article writer who writes and share tech articles on his blog. He has recently reviewed the top services offered at website hosting services India. You may check out more about the hosting review at his blog and get the advantage. 


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