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Monday, January 13, 2014

Some tips for beginners for using JQuery efficiently

The JQuery is considered to be the bunch of Web Design creative features and functionalities. There are endless options of creativity in it and you can find numerous functions which can make your website more impressive and attractive. There are unlimited features which can improve the functionalities of your website but it is also considered that if you used the JQuery codes in wrong manner then it can slow down your entire web site or it can effect on the other functionalities of your website so it is most important thing to use these codes or plug-ins efficiently. Here I am sharing with you some tips that will help you to use the JQuery plug-ins and codes without slowing down your website or webpage and if you are a developer then it will help you to do your task professionally and quickly. 

 • Always use the latest versions of plug-ins because the advanced plug-ins will offer much more supportive features for different browsers and devices. This will help you to get more support and you will get many additional features with the new plug-ins. 

• The performance will definitely gain when you will manage your entire coding and you should manage and arrange your codes in correct order. Make sure that there is should not be any useless codes in your website. The errors in codes or plug-ins can directly affect the speed of your web page so keep your website away from the unnecessary codes. 

• The selector property is really very useful function of JQuery which helps you to determine which function you want to open on the certain period of time and which significantly increases the page loading speed of the webpage. 

• The Delay function of JQuery helps you to set a delay time of the specific object. This is highly preferred for the animations and other heavy loading functions. The developers use the delay functions for heavy loading objects so that the page could be loaded efficiently and then the heavy object loads. 

• The code weight should also be determined for better loading. If the page would be heavy then no function can make it light in loading so make sure that you do not make your pages too heavy. You can add additional functions but that should not increase the weight of the page that you have determined for it. 

• JQuery plug-ins can be easily created by any developer and these kinds of self developed plug-ins works really very effectively and reduces the weight of the page without removing any function from it. So, if you think that any specific function has too long coding for it then you can turn it into the plug-in. by this function, you can reduce the size of your webpage and you will get more freedom of adding new features in your website. 

• And, most importantly, if you are choosing the plugin developed by any other company or any other developer then make sure that you check its reliability. Well, it could be hard for you to judge its reliability from the outside before the implementation but there are some ways which can make it possible. You should see the ratings and user’s preferences of the plug-ins and this will help you to make sure that the plug-in that you are going to integrate is trustworthy. It is highly recommended for you to select one of the most appreciated and preferred plug-ins for your web pages. If you will follow this procedure then you will always find a trustworthy plug-in for your requirement.  

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Jack is a pro blogger who writes at his blog about latest technology and tools that helps in web designing. He recommends utilizing the services offered by web design Company for the high quality services that rocks.

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