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Monday, February 17, 2014

4 Ways To Get Surround-Sound From Your TV Without The Wires

Do you love your new plasma, LCD or LED TV but hate the tinny sound that comes from its built-in speakers? This is a fairly common complaint and there are a huge range of solutions at your disposal. While surround-sound systems with a subwoofer and satellite speakers are available, many people don’t like the fuss of unsightly wires. Here are four ways to enjoy surround sound from your TV without the wires.

#1. Buy A Sound Bar

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Best Phone to Buy From Samsung in 2014

The popularity of the Samsung S4 has given inspiration to Samsung in making investment in the niche for making an improved version of the phone. Samsung is expected to unveil it’s new phone Samsung Galaxy S5 very soon in the coming months. You can expect many features from this Samsung mobile phone that is again going to be a perfect hit in the market can provide you with all the amenities required for carrying out various functionalities which you want to prepare. There is every possibility for getting the most exciting phone in the market with the release of this particular product. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Technology And Human Impatience - Excuse, Or Reality?

You might be familiar with the image of a man about to destroy his computer with a hammer. And it's true that our impatience with technology stretches back beyond computers to faulty tube television sets and their non-working remote controls.  Today's world is faster than ever, thanks to technology. But does this mean that we are more impatient than ever as a result?

Maybe you've always hated waiting for online videos to load. Or, it could be that your personality is fragmenting. Wait, what? Many theories and studies like this are being offered with the goal of shedding some light on how technology is affecting us and possibly even altering us on a psychological level.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Where Does Your IPhone Come From - A Look At IPhone Manufacturing

Apple's iPhones are "Designed in California and assembled in China" according to the product packaging but the real story of where your iPhone comes from is much more complex. Designers, engineers, skilled and unskilled factory workers from all over the world contribute to the final product.

Each iPhone has hundreds of separate components. Most of the suppliers that Apple buys components from have headquarters in the United States or Europe, with manufacturing facilities in Asia. Even some of the Asian manufacturing facilities turn around and outsource the manufacturing of the part to a third country where labor is less expensive, such as Malaysia or the Philippines. Major suppliers of iPhone components include Sony, Sharp, Win Semiconductors, TDK, Toshiba, Corning and Texas Instruments.

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