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Monday, February 17, 2014

4 Ways To Get Surround-Sound From Your TV Without The Wires

Do you love your new plasma, LCD or LED TV but hate the tinny sound that comes from its built-in speakers? This is a fairly common complaint and there are a huge range of solutions at your disposal. While surround-sound systems with a subwoofer and satellite speakers are available, many people don’t like the fuss of unsightly wires. Here are four ways to enjoy surround sound from your TV without the wires.

#1. Buy A Sound Bar

Sound bars are the most common way to improve the sound from any flat screen TV without much wiring. Sound bars can be positioned under the TV, on a shelf, mounted on the wall or even attached directly to the TV if you buy a special mounting bracket. The audio quality of sound bars varies enormously, as does the price. The Roth Sub-Zero sound bar is a steal at just $150 and is unusual in this price bracket as it includes a built-in subwoofer that many bars do not. This gives you a valuable boost over your TV’s built in speakers.

#2. Mount A Sound Bar To Your TV

If your TV is wall-mounted, sound bar brackets let you mount your sound bar above or below the TV. Sound bar brackets are attached directly to the back of the TV via the VESA mounting holes. This means that when you move the TV, the sound will also be pointed precisely in your direction. One warning is that some bars will block the infrared (IR) sensor on your TV. You will have to spend serious money on something like a Yamaha YAS-101 to get a sound bar with a built-in IR repeater on the back to pass the commands from your remote to the TV behind. Always check compatibility before you buy and shop from a trusted retailer with a good returns policy.

#3. Buy A Virtual Surround Sound Bar

Almost every sound bar comes with some kind of ‘virtual surround’ mode, promising to deliver surround sound without the hassle of rear speakers. Unless you shell out for something like Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projectors, you’re likely to be extremely disappointed. Whatever your budget, investing in a virtual surround sound bar within your price range does give you a noticeable step-up from your TV’s internal speakers.  

#4. Install In-Wall Speakers

Arguable, you still need physical speakers to enjoy true surround sound. Luckily, you don’t need to be able to afford world-class speakers such as Bose to enjoy great surround sound. The only way to do this ‘without’ the wires is to choose in-wall speakers that are installed in wall and ceiling cavities to hide the wiring. Depending on wall and ceiling cavities available in your home, careful planning is necessary to determine whether in-wall, in-ceiling or a combination of both best suits your requirements. In wall speakers are now available at wholesale prices online which helps offset the cost of installation.


These four methods can help anyone get surround sound from their TV with the minimum of wiring. What did we miss? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Ian Thicke, the author of this article, is a part of the team at Edge Speakers Online, providing in-wall speakers at wholesale prices. Ian is a huge MMA fan and hits the local dojo on weekends.

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