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Monday, March 3, 2014

What You Need To Know About Car Alarm Systems

We all know what a car alarm is – basically, some sensors connected to a siren. A very simple alarm would have a switch on the driver’s door and it would be wired so that if someone opened that door, the siren would activate. But these days, modern cars have a more sophisticated system and it keeps evolving. Some people that aren’t satisfied with the alarm that comes with the car, can opt for an upgrade from a specialized firm.

What You Need To Know About Car Alarm Systems

Modern alarms – how do they work

Usually, car alarm systems include:

  • A number of sensors (switches, pressure sensors and motion detectors);
  • A siren, able to create a wide range of sounds so that you can pick a distinct sound for your car;
  • A radio receiver to allow wireless control from a key fob;
  • An auxiliar battery that allows the alarm to operate even if the main battery gets disconnected;
  • A computer control unit that monitors everything and sounds the alarm – you could call this the core of the system.

The core in most advanced systems is a small computer that controls the alarm devices, like the horn, headlights, the siren. For the most part, security systems differ in which sensors are used and how the devices are wired to the core.

The core could be wired to the car’s main battery, but it usually has that backup power source we mentioned earlier. The auxiliary battery activates when someone cuts off the main power source.

What to look for in a car alarm system

There are many types of alarm systems and it all depends on how much you want to invest in one. If you want to change the system you have, keep in mind some facts when going shopping:
  • Get a system that will warn intruders that you have an alarm installed. You could have a warning sticker on your car or flashing lights which indicate that the car has a security system;
  • A sensitive alerting system that turns on as soon as a window or door is opened, or when the hood of the car is raised. This will slow down the intruder and it will attract attention;
  • It should have an immobilizing mechanism which locks the hood and shuts down the engine and the fuel pump of the car right after the alarm starts. This is not so easy to locate, as this feature is hidden in the car;
  • It would be best to have a tracking system, as this will find your car. Some systems are activated as soon as the door is forced and the car is stolen. It will either send an e-mail or call you to inform you of the whereabouts of your car;
  • There is that feature that sometimes gets on your nerves when you pass by a car and the alarm goes off. Choose a system that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the proximity alarm.

GSM–based anti–theft system

Lately, more and more countries have given serious attention to improving car alarm systems. The latest technology is based on GSM security and navigation system, which is basically a system that allows the owner of the car to not only track the stolen car, but also give commands to the alarm system and it can be accessed from anywhere across the globe through a Web Interface System. You can lock and unlock the car through an SMS from your mobile phone and check the status of the system. It may also have a precautionary system in place in case of a GPRS network failure or other technical issues.
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