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This blog was created by the author with the intention of helping people who does not posses the professional technical knowledge about the personal computer and all its peripherals. the goals of this blog is to make the technical matter comes clear to those people who uses their computer on a daily basis. To help them to understand the inner workings of the computer so that it can contribute effectively to their daily activity. 

Requirements For Interested Guest Blogger:

I also welcome Guest Posting  or Guest Blogging Here. Please see the requirements Below.

1. The article should be your own. (I do not want my blog to be penalized for copyright violation.

2. The article must be 400 words or more, to do this please explain in detail what the topic of the article the longer the article the better. The approved article shall be sent in HTML format or word document format or via email. 

3. The article must be related to the content or purpose of this blog. Personal views about computer technology are very much welcome same with tutorial article.Informative and educational article are also very much welcome.Topics to be covered are computer, gadgets, hardware, software, network, internet, technology and Technology news, review and views, or your own opinion.

4. This blog does not accept articles on the following topic SEO, Marketing, Blogging and Earning online. Also none related article will not be accepted on this blog. 

5. For link requirements regarding the guest article, i shall allowed TWO(2) links in the body of the article that is related to the article you are submitting. The link must open to a new window where the content of the link is related to the topic of your article. Also i will allow an additional TWO(2) links in the Author's resource box. The links at the author's resource box is completely up to you the author of the article. Therefore FOUR(4) links will be allowed for Guest Blogger's, two in the body and two in the author's resource box.

To inquire regarding guest posting please see the contact page.

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